About Litomysl:

History and culture:

Our restored town offers many cultural activities and historical sightseeing which can be reached by foot from the boarding house. The shopping area is covered!

mapa Litomyšl

1. The Kraus Boarding House
2. Renaissance castle (a UNESCO protected site; City Gallery, birthplace of Bedrich Smetana, Museum of Sculptor, permanent exibit of sculptor Olbram Zoubek's work)
3. cloister garden with view of Litomysl
4. Smetana's house
5. Monument of Bedrich Smetana
6. Monument of Aloise Jiraska
7. Regional Museum and Holy Cross Church
8. Gothic public house

Litomyšl Litomyšl Litomyšl

Leisure times possibilities:

Swimming, Horseback riding, Bowling, Spinning, Go-Karts, Tennis, Squash, Ice Skating, Fitness Center, Billards, Climbing wall, Bicycle rentals, Paintball, Helicopter/small airplane tours

Monthly event calendar: HERE.

Nearby Litomysl:

Castle "Nove Hrady", Castle "Svojanov", Castle "Kosumberk", Tower "Andrluv chlum" and nearby "Kozlovsky Hills", Rose Meadow, Historic open-air museum "skanzen Vesely kopec", Nedosinsky Haj, Horseback riding area (Toulovcovy mastale), Bicycle tours with bus return

We look forward to welcoming you and helping you plan your activities.
Your family Kraus

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Havlíčkova 444
570 01 Litomyšl

mobil: +420 602 474 647
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